Become the Department of Yes

It’s time to stop saying No out of fear. It’s time for a radically different point of view made possible by adaptive, risk-based security. With it, you can govern every identity and inspect every packet, achieving better outcomes faster and more securely.

So start pushing beyond traditional boundaries, dive into the cloud, mobility and the Internet of Things. It’s time to become the Department of Yes.

  • If your CEO’s credentials logged in from a hostile nation, could you contain that problem before the media found out?
  • Can you confidently report to the auditors that YOUR superusers are really under YOUR control?
  • Can you be confident all those wonderful cloud apps are being used only by your wonderful people?
  • Can you really harness the power of your identity-aware firewall to enforce your identity policies?

Yes you can with One Identity and SonicWALL.

Enable sanity and efficiency

Life would be simple if you could grant your users access to anything they wanted or needed to do their jobs in the best way possible, on or off the network. But life is not simple. You have to make your people more productive but at the same time, protect them and your organization.

Learn How You Can Do Just That