Software Renewals Program & Portal

You might wonder why vendors don’t…

  • Make quoting of renewals easy, almost automatic for partners?
  • Call partners when they have client renewals expiring that need to be followed-up on?
  • Offer to send partners bulk renewal data to port into sales systems?
  • Remind partners to close renewals business… after all, we are all busy and sometimes need a reminder.

Well, SonicWALL does.

SonicWALL has a 20 year history of selling products through channels. It is estimated that over 50 thousand solution providers have sold SonicWALL appliances to date. We pride ourselves in protecting the reseller/client relationship as we talk to thousands of customers per day in our sales and support centers.

Renewals Manager Benefits

Renewals Manager is designed to support partner-led renewal of customer subscriptions. This program supports partners in 4 ways:

  1. It provides a quoting engine that summarizes quotes by customer for resellers to manage.
  2. It reminds partners and customers of subscription expiration dates.
  3. It provides marketing and sales resources for partners who can’t staff a renewal process.
  4. Metrics – Who didn’t renew? Who didn’t attach services in the first place.

With hundreds of thousands of active customers, it is impossible for SonicWALL to “simply know” which customers have relationships with which partners. Making things even more complicated, many customers purchase from more than one partner. So, to address this complexity, SonicWALL has established a process called “Asset Claiming”. This process creates a data link between an appliance (an Asset) and the partner who sold it (Claiming Partner). Once an Asset is registered by an end-customer and claimed by a partner as described below, we are able to ensure that all downstream interactions ultimately point that customer back to the claiming reseller.