When You Decided to Make a Secure Office, Did You Set Out to Only Protect Part of It?

SonicWALL email security is available in both appliance and hosted solutions, including an upcoming sandbox feature called Capture.  Do you enjoy Capture on the latest SonicWALL firewall devices?  Now you can get the same level of zero day threat prevention on the email security side of your infrastructure.

For those who need the hands-on approach to managing their security infrastructure, the SonicWALL line of email security appliances is there for you.  For those who prefer others to manage their email security, a peerless hosted edition is also available.

Hosted Email Security

  • Easy setup/management
  • Zero on-site equipment
  • Preserve bandwidth
  • Email spooling

Why Email Security + Capture?

  • Multi-engine advanced threat analysis detects more threats and cannot  be evaded.
    • Virtualized sandbox
    • Full system emulation
    • Hypervisor level analysis
  • The same tested multiple engine system that has proven so successful on SonicWALL firewalls with added email functionality.
  • Broad file type and OS environment analysis without file size limitation
    • PE, MS Office, PDF, archives, JAR, APK
    • Windows, Android and Mac OS
  • Automated and manual file submission

You cannot stop workers from clicking attachments in emails they clearly should not. But you CAN get protection.