Getting Started & Helpful Links

Scroll down for helpful links and a guide for navigating the Sonicwall sites.

This site is not an official Sonicwall site.  It is created by members of the Enablement team to help provide an additional central resource and repository for information to help you grow your business as a Sonicwall partner.

There are many official sites that you’ll utilize as a Sonicwall partner.  Here is an overview of those sites and where to go to find what you need in specific situations.

Support Phone Numbers

  • General Support Line:  888.793.2830
  • Registered Partner Pre-Sales Supoort:  888.557.6642
  • Partner Resource Desk:  866.670.4411

Partner Portal

This site is where you deal register as well as check current account status.  You can also file support cases, and track them.  This is also the site where you can request quotes.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  As a Registered Partner, you have the opportunity to have a DEDICATED representative help you with all sales cases.  Be sure to reach out to the person who supports you as a Registered Partner.  HINT:  It is the name in the URL of this site.

Click Here to Login is where you will go to monitor your current registered products, as well as your upcoming renewals.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Always claim your products.  Upon activation of your products make sure that those products you sell are claimed under your account on so that you can easily track renewals of services and support, as well as ensure that the items you manage are not claimed by some other entity.

The best way to ensure that your Sonicwall products are easily maintained and renewed is to claim those products.  That can be done on

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Deal Registration

This is a shortcut link that directly leads to Deal Registration.  In case you ever need to cut straight to the chase!

Click Here to Deal Reg has a large assortment of product information for ALL products.  When in doubt, check here for white papers on specific products as well as sizing help and product comparisons.

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Ever want to demo a Sonicwall product for your end users?  Well, now you can. allows you to go in and see how the dashboard or operating system of most Sonicwall products works.  These are LIVE products (safely tucked away so that any settings you change won’t impact anything serious) so you are actually able to see analytics and practical use scenarios.

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Overdrive is a great tool that allows you to market Sonicwall to your end users.  It allows you to easily add a list of contacts and then send out content to those contacts, created by the team at Sonicwall.  It is a tool meant to help disperse material from partners to end users.  It also has a point system and you can win some unique rewards for your efforts.

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Sonicwall is available through the following distributors:

  • Securematics
  • D&H
  • Tech Data
  • Ingram
  • Synnex
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Security as a Service

Go to to get the latest information on the Security as a Service program.

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End of Life Information

This page details the end of life cycle for Sonicwall products.

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