Getting Started in 2017 with SonicWALL

As you know, SonicWALL became a standalone company in the Fall of 2016.  As such, SonicWALL is making huge strides in several arenas to present a growing channel-based business in 2017 and beyond.  Whether you are new to SonicWALL or have been a partner for many years, it’s worthwhile to understand SonicWALL’s landscape in the year ahead from an overview perspective.

How do You Purchase SonicWALL?

For Registered partners, SonicWALL can be ordered via two basic methods:

  • Distribution (Ingram, Securematics, Synnex, D&H, and Tech Data)
  • Dell

The Registered team at SonicWALL works closely with a distribution specialist who acts as a liaison for any orders that need help.  Are you not getting the proper discount?  Is something back-ordered?  Does your current standing as a partner need to be confirmed in order for you to order?  These are all things that can receive quick and effective solutions.  Be sure to contact your contact at SonicWALL for help if you need it during ordering.

Investigate the Unique Advantages of SECaaS

Many MSPs that deal with SonicWALL are opting into our unique Security As A Service program.  This program allows you to lease an appliance rather than buy outright.  Why would you do this as a partner?  Occasionally you may run into unique sales opportunities dealing with non-profits, schools, or companies who need to do an untimely system refresh without the capital expense budget.  The SECaaS program allows you to still win that sale by being a unique partner who can offer them an ongoing monthly bill as an operational expense to solve their need in those moments when they do not have a lot of capital expense to put towards a security initiative.  Think of it as an extra tool in your sales utility belt as a Managed Service Provider.  Some key facts:

  • You can buy SECaaS through or via distributors such as Ingram or Securematics.
  • Each unit that you purchase has a 12 month obligation.  Does your end user need to scale up?  No problem.  On month 13, you send back that unit for a different one and your billing is adjusted accordingly.
  • Basic bundles for Firewalls include the appliance, CGSS, and a node of GMS.  GMS is a great solution that allows you to manage and report on multiple firewalls simultaneously.  As an MSP are you finding that you have a few standard configurations you utilize across multiple types of clients?  Manage them all through one interface.

You Wouldn't Build a Wall Around Only 50% of Your Castle, Right?

SonicWALL in 2017 is making a huge stamp in the marketplace as a SECURITY PLATFORM.  It’s important to understand that SonicWALL’s security defense is taking into account the transforming threat landscape from 2016 and implementing an entire PLATFORM to combat these threats.  If you are only familiar with SonicWALL firewalls, then now is the time to investigate the rest of this robust system that offers absolutely peerless security while maximizing affordability.

The Ultimate Zero Day Threat Prevention: Capture ATP

One of the largest key ingredients for SonicWALL to have emerged out of 2016 is Capture:  Advanced Threat Protection.  At a very high level, Capture works like this:

If anything comes into the SonicWALL firewall that is unknown by the threat network (meaning it is a new threat), that file:

  1. Gets isolated.
  2. Sent up into the cloud.
  3. Scanned by THREE different engines (the only service in the industry to do so)
  4. The file actually gets executed in that quarantined environment to see if any malicious content emerges.

It is the ultimate defense to add to a firewall, in case any pesky workers are clicking on things they should not be.  You cannot fix habits but you CAN add additional protection to pro-actively fight those habits.

How do you buy Capture?  On your price list you will see additional bundles next to your classic SonicWALL offerings.  Familiar with Secure Upgrade Plus?  Get Secure Upgrade Plus Advanced Edition to add Capture to your normal appliance/CGSS purchase.  Do you purchase Total Secure?  Get Total Secure Advanced Edition to add Capture to that appliance/CGSS bundle.  Buying a CGSS renewal?  Buy AGSS which is CGSS plus Capture.  Capture is also available as a singular SKU item so you can order it a la carte.

Capture is available on all 6th generation firewalls from the TZ300 up.

Email Threats Are More Active than Ever Before in the Landscape

Ransomware has become the payload of choice for security attacks.  Ransomware has experienced 167x year over year growth.  Because of this SonicWALL is making major strides forward with Email Security.  Coming Spring 2017, hosted email security will be facing a major update with support for multi-tenancy as well as including Capture as a service offering.

That’s right.  Now your email can get the same zero day threat prevention that SonicWALL offers on your Firewall.

This is very important.  Capture for Email Security knows how to parse attachments while still giving you the option to pass the message content itself through.  So as attacks rise in their focus on email, you can also offer added protection against this threat at an unprecedented and affordable level.  Worried about adding an appliance into the mix?  Email Security is getting a robust new update for it’s hosted abilities as well.  No muss, no fuss.

Offer Unprecedented Control Over Mobile Users

Mobility in the workplace is not coming.  It’s already here.  Your end users need to be investigating solutions to offer mobility for their workforce while ALSO offering protection.  SonicWALL’s Secure Mobile Access line of appliances offers a high level of control for those users who are utilizing their own devices or working remotely.  In today’s work environment it is increasingly important to make sure that those who are accessing HQ are able to be authenticated at the correct level security for their specific role, without creating hurdles in productivity.  Talk to your SonicWALL specialist today to learn more about SonicWALL’s mobile security offerings.

Just Because Something is Encrypted Does Not Mean it Has a Hall Pass

If you have a TZ 300 or above, and you have at least one other type of service activated on that appliance, you should enable DPI-SSL.  It’s free.  SonicWALL’s ability to inspect encrypted traffic at the deep packet level is incredibly relevant in today’s security landscape.

There has been a 37% growth trend in attacks over encrypted channels.  And yet 62% of traffic in 2016 was SSL.  What’s that tell you?

This is an often overlooked loophole in offered security measures, and SonicWALL is ahead of the curve.  As a SonicWALL partner, you can be too.

NOTE:  DPI SSL is only available on the latest generation firewalls from SonicWALL.  TZ300s and up.  If you have end users with older generation firewalls, it is extremely timely to have a discussion about the need to get the SSL end of their infrastructure strategically covered.  SECaaS (see above) offers an extremely affordable and unique way to make this possible.

The SonicWALL Platform Offers End to End Security Against Threats

Firewalls and Email Security both with Capture.
Mobile Security.
Deep Packet Inspection of SSL traffic.
And SECaaS to offer an affordable solution for ANY end user.

It is more important than ever to ensure your end users are protecting every entrance into their company and SonicWALL has the platform to do this.  If your clients have older generation units and are in need of an upgrade, there are special offers available to help you do so.

Need Further Help? Reach Out Today.